1. What is data entry?
Ans:- To enter input data format into another data format is called data entry.

2. How many data entry projects you can handle?

Ans:- We have capability to handle small and vast projects with care. We have sufficient data entry professional team, process, technology and infrastructure to manage large number of complex projects at a time.

3. What are the basic requirements to get started?
Ans:- You can do it from home or cyber cafe or a place where you have Computer. To get started you should have the basic knowledge of Computer. This Job is available only for Indians.

4. How do you check your finished data?
Ans:- We do not have quality control department to check completed data because this work is also be outsourced and we are receiving certified reports for that particular finished data. Basically our quality control (Third Party) check data every stage of the projects. We also double check our client data after completion of work. We can verify data by manually and also rectification of entered data through electronic comparison.

5. Will you send sample entries by disk copy?
Ans:- Yes. We will send sample data entries by internet, e-mail, fax, disk copy or as per your format.

6. What type of works have done in past?
Ans:- We have successfully completed hundreds of projects including Data Entry From Images, Capturing Contact Numbers by names, E- Mamta Mother and Child Tracking, HMIS, UK Library Old Books Typing Work, Home Based Data Entry and many more.

7. How is Quality Control (QC) done on data?
Ans:- Through validation QC is done.

8. Which format does you preferred to accept the input data?
Ans:- We receive data from Our Business Associates mostly via e-mails and web links and through secure FTP server. We are capable to accept any data format you have.

9. What are the typical payment options?
Ans:- We prefer payment by check or directly transfer to our bank accounts. We are also accepting payments Online Transfer.

10. Is there any limit for earnings?
Ans:- No. You can earn up to your potential.

11. Is there any working hours?
Ans:- No, you can work 24hrs at any of your convenient time & place.

12. How to get started?
Ans:- To get started, first You will be take the Agreement (MOU). After Agreement with us, you will be getting a Customer Id containing with all business Details.

13. Is there any Age limit to take part in this Program?
Ans:- Yes, Minimum Age required to take part is 18 Yrs.

14. Will training be provided?
Ans:- We are providing Manual training as well virtual training and also provide presentation file. (PPT).

15. Who pays money for given work?
Ans:- Spectrum Outsourcing will pay you as per accuracy.

16. Is Business Processing fee is refundable?
Ans:- Spectrum Outsourcing will refund you all your Business Processing Fee as per the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement.

17. Is there any Registration fees?
Ans:- Yes. You will have to pay Business Processing Fee.

  • We are available (10:00 AM to 06:00 PM from Monday To Saturday) for our customers...more
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  • At Spectrum Outsourcing, we provide training on how to install and deploy particular software required for Data Entry services.more
  • We are available (10:00 AM to 06:00 PM from Monday To Saturday) for our customers...more